Sunday, September 7, 2014

William Morris Golden Lily Floral Chintz Pattern Cheeseboards

Add a touch of English country cottage charm to your home with this exquisite William Morris Myrtle floral chintz pattern cheese board. Choose from four styles.

Golden Lily is at once elegant and uplifting You feel as if you are peeking through a lattice fence at the profusion of spring flowers and greenery of a Victorian English cottage garden, Flowers include lilies, tulips, bluets, coneflowers, bluebells and primroses. There is such a wonderful sense of depth and liveliness to the design, you can almost feel the gentle spring breeze blowing through the garden.

Golden Lily by John H. Dearle for William Morris,1899, England, Aesthetic Movement. Colors include varying shades of green, blue, red, yellow, and soft bluish grays on a creamy white background. Carefully and lovingly hand restored by a professional graphic artist experienced in art restoration to print beautifully using modern digital printing methods.

Please keep in mind the original piece is over a century old and was hand printed from a hand-carved woodblock, so there are tiny variations in the pattern. While I have painstakingly restored the pattern to its original pristine condition, these tiny variations remain and are part of the charm of a historic handcrafted piece.

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